Coir Pith: An eco-friendly growing medim

Monday, August 28, 2006

Coir pith: An eco friendly growing medium

Coir pith Briquette
Coir pith, a waste material from the coir industry is finding new applications. Research conducted by different institutions has led to the development of various methods that speed up the process of coir pith decomposition. Decomposed coir pith is used as hydroponics systems for growing flowers and vegetables under controlled conditions.This eco-friendly material is replacing Peat Moss and rock wool as an effective soil bed under green house conditions.

This product has Excellent water holding capacity and contains macro as well as micro nutrients. Coir pith products such as Coir pith grow bag, Coir pith bale, Coir pith Briquettes, Coir pith Discs, and Coco chips are ideal for growing fruits, vegetables and flowers.


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